About the data: Ministry of Health

Contract funder

The Health data on this website relates to contracts with either the Ministry of Health (MOH) or a District Health Board (DHB). This is indicated in the ‘Contract target’ field.

Descriptions of areas

The map is not necessarily representative of the regions covered by DHBs. The areas on the website have been determined by Statistics New Zealand.

Apportionment of funding

Contracts with a DHB are, for the purpose of this website, divided across the entire region of that DHB, based on the Census population data.

Contracts with MOH are similarly apportioned to the DHB regions where possible, but as many are national contracts they will be divided across the whole country.

This results in situations where services will be shown in areas where they are not actually provided. The provider’s address will give the best indication of the area where the service is actually provided.

Service descriptions

The service descriptions used for Health data are generalised based on the data MoH holds.

If you are a provider and feel that your service descriptions are inaccurate or unsuitable please contact us at sensitivityreview@moh.govt.nz.

Dollar values

The Health data on this website relates to the current financial year which runs from 1 July to 30 June. Contracts must fall within this period to be included.

Some contracted services are demand driven and as such do not have a fixed dollar value. In these cases the dollar value shown on the website is based on actual expenditure in the previous 12 months.

Summarised providers

Some groups of providers have been summarised to protect the privacy of individuals.

If you are an individual providing health services and feel your contract records should be included in one of the summarised groups please contact us at sensitivityreview@moh.govt.nz.

Sensitive data

Some health care information is highly sensitive. Every effort has been made to ensure that details which may compromise patient safety or confidentiality have been masked.

If you are a provider and feel any sensitive data is being displayed, or feel that your data is not sensitive enough to be masked but is, please contact us at sensitivityreview@moh.govt.nz.