About the data: Te Puni Kōkiri

Te Puni Kōkiri provides funding for the Whānau Social Assistance programme which consists of two strands – Kaitoko Whānau and Oranga Whānau.

Contract and funding data

Apportionment of funding

The Whānau Social Assistance programme is delivered in the ten Te Puni Kōkiri regions. In each of these regions, funding has been allocated within communities where Māori whānau have been identified as experiencing social and economic deprivation characterised by poverty, family violence, child neglect, mental and physical ill health and unemployment.

The data for the purposes of Contract Mapping however, has been apportioned according to Census population. This means the Whānau Social Assistance funding that is targeted within a Te Puni Kōkiri region, will be apportioned across that region based on population. Note also, Contract Mapping displays the data in Territorial Authorities and not Te Puni Kōkiri regions. These two factors combined mean that in some instances Contract Mapping may not necessarily depict the actual location of the service delivery or the intended demographic size of the target group.

Provider data


This is the provider's address from their contract but they may operate from other addresses.

Contract volume

The contract volume is the number of fulltime equivalent positions the provider has been contracted for in a twelve month period.

Contract total

The financial year for Te Puni Kōkiri runs from 01 July – 30 June.
Data on this website displays the portion of the contract total that falls in the current financial year information only.


Te Puni Kōkiri (TPK)