Frequently asked questions

Why is there a Contract Mapping website?

Government supports transparency around the services it funds. This website makes it easy to access funding and contracting information for social service providers. By being open and transparent we improve government accountability for where it spends taxpayer dollars.

Which government agencies have data on the website?

You will find social service funding and contracting information from

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Te Puni Kōkiri

Where does the data come from?

Each government agency has provided information on their contracts with social service providers.

Because the data comes from agencies with different systems and ways of contracting, there will be some variation in the way each agency presents the detail of their contracts. This could include the way the country is divided for contract purposes, how contract volumes are measured, and how the funding is paid to the provider.

Each agency has more specific information relating to their data on the ‘about the data’ pages.

What information will be shown on the website?

The website provides information about government funded and contracted social services.

The mapping tool shows you the

  • name of the provider
  • their address
  • the area in which they deliver their services
  • the type of service delivered
  • the number of clients or services they are contracted to provide
  • how much funding they receive for their services.

Information that may compromise the safety of the people who use the service is not shown.

Who do you think will use this site?

This website will provide easy access to information about government funding for local social services. The information can be used by the community when they are planning the delivery of services.

The Community Response Model forums will use the information as part of their strategic planning for delivery of services in their region.

Government agencies, non-government organisations, local bodies, researchers, advocacy groups and the like will all find useful information about social sector funding on this website.

How often will this information be updated?

The data on the website will be updated each month. This allows us to make changes to show any new contracts signed in the month, contracts that have come to an end, and variations to contracts.

Why is one organisation getting two or more sets of funding?

Providers can have one or several contracts for which different services are specified under the same service type. For example one line of funding could be for the administration of a service and the other for paying staff to deliver that service. These may be shown separately on this website.

Providers may also receive funding from more than one government agency for different programmes or services.

Why is some information showing as 'Sensitive – withheld'?

Detailed information that could compromise the safety of the people who use a service has not been included on this site. In some cases the providers name and address is not shown and instead will display as 'sensitive – withheld'.

Health information often relates to sensitive services. Their details have been withheld to ensure the confidentiality and safety of providers and their patients.

Why are there no values in some of the financial total fields for Ministry of Health contracts?

These services are delivered on a demand driven basis. This makes a financial total harder to calculate. These will be provided in future website updates.

Why do some regions seem to get more funding than others?

Every region is different and has its own social service needs. One region might have a high population of families with children, and so funding for these services will be high in that region. Another region might have increased unemployment and the funding in that region will reflect that.

There are lots of organisations listed as providing services in my area, but none of them have offices there?

Most providers are contracted to deliver services across a wider region or area, not just in the part described as an area unit on this website. But because they are funded to deliver services across the whole region, the amount they receive has been broken down according to the population in each area unit. It does not necessarily mean they have an office there.

What if an organisation doesn’t want their information on the website?

The purpose of this website is to provide transparency about government funding of social services. Providers who have concerns about their information being available on the website should contact their funding and contracting manager. Concerns will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Some of the information about my organisation is not right. What can I do?

If you would like to correct the accuracy of information shown, please email us at or talk to your local funding and contracting manager.

I am a Ministry of Health provider and my services have been or have not been masked, who do I contact?

Please email us at

I am a Ministry of Health provider and I have some information that needs changing. Who do I contact?

Please email us at

Can I print or build reports on this site?

These functions are currently not available but will be developed as part of a package of enhancements to the website. The delivery time is not yet finalised. There is limited printing functionality available for individual service providers when you click on the “Find out more” link and click on the Print icon available on top right hand corner. The process for this function is given below.

View Data > Select Areas > Select Region > Select Territorial Authority > Select Service Provider > Click on “Find out more” link > Click on the Print Icon on Top right hand corner of the page.